424. Up To Anything

Playlist vom  29. Mai 2016

Yoko Ono: Forgive Me My Love (feat. Death Cab for Cutie) (4:06)
(aus: Yes, I'm a Witch Too (2016))

Suuns: UN-NO (3:44)
(aus: Hold Still (2016))

Higher Authorities: …And Why Not (2:53)
(aus: Neptune (2016))

Xiu Xiu: Falling (6:57)
(aus: Plays the Music of Twin Peaks (2016))

Kedr Livanskiy: January Sun (4:56)
(aus: January Sun EP (2016))

The Goon Sax: Sometimes Accidentally (3:26)
(aus: Up To Anything (2016))

The Lilac Time: Too sooner late than better (3:39)
(aus: The Lilac Time (1988))

The Goon Sax: Target (2:51)
(aus: Up To Anything (2016))

Car Seat Headrest:
Connect the Dots (The Saga of Frank Sinatra) (6:07)
(aus: Teens of Denial (2016))

Bob Dylan: Polka Dots and Moonbeams (3:36)
(aus: Fallen Angels (2016))

Doc Schoko: sing nicht (4:13)
(aus: schlecht dran - gut drauf (2009))

Dog Chocolate: Everyday's the End of the World for Someone (2:24)
(aus: Snack Fans (2016))

Modern Baseball: The Waterboy Returns (2:42)
(aus: The Perfect Cast (2015))

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