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Playlist vom 04. Dezember 2016

The Modern Lovers: Someone I Care About (3:41)
(aus: The Modern Lovers I (1976))

Saints: L-I-E-S (2:00)
(aus: Wild About You (Recordings 1976-1978) (2000))

Alternative TV: Why Dont You Do Me Right (3:12)
(aus: The Image Has Cracked (1978))

Phil Ochs: The Thresher (2:53)
(aus: All the news that's fit to sing (1964))

Cassie Ramone: Run Run Rudolph (3:13)
(aus: Christmas in Reno (2015))

Schorsch Kamerun: Der Mensch Lässt Nach (2:28)
(aus: Der Mensch Lässt Nach (2013))

Mixher: need a filmR (3:18)
(aus: Intemperies (2007))

Recoil: Faith Healer (6:02)
(aus: Bloodline (1992))

Add N to (X): Invasion of the polaroid people (4:30)
(aus: loud like nature (2002))

The Residents: Teddy Bear (3:20)
(aus: The King & Eye (1989))

Radio 4: State Of Alert (4:28)
(aus: Stealing Of A Nation (2004))

Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band: Think Twice (6:16)
(aus: A Special Album (2003))

Takuya Kuroda: Think Twice (5:49)
(aus: Zigzagger (2016)

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