538. Liars

Playlist vom  05. August 2018

Liars: We Live Ne of Compton (3:02)
(aus: They Threw Us in a Trench
and Stuck a Monument On Top (2001))

Liars: Rose and Licorice (3:48)
(aus: Atheists, Reconsider (Split EP) (2002))

Oneida: Fantastic Morgue (2:46)
(aus: Atheists, Reconsider (Split EP) (2002))

Liars: There's Always Room on the Broom (3:05)
(aus: They Were Wrong, So We Drowned (2004))

Liars: It Fit When I Was a Kid (4:03)
(aus: Drum's Not Dead (2006))

Liars: Houseclouds (3:21)
(aus: Liars (2007))

Liars: No Barrier Fun (2:58)
(aus: Sisterworld (2010))

Liars: A Ring On Every Finger (3:18)
(aus: WIXIW (2012))

Liars: Vox Tuned D.E.D. (4:32)
(aus: Mess (2014))

Liars: Mess On a Mission (Nest of Teens Remix) (3:31)
(aus: Mess On a Mission (Remixes) (2014))

Liars: Liquorice (3:43)
(aus: 1-1 OST (2018))

Liars: No Tree No Branch (3:32)
(aus: TFCF (2017))

Nonpareils: Makes Me Miss The Misery Girls (4:50)
(aus: Scented Pictures (2018))

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